Manhattan Dinner - 11/29/17

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Last night’s dinner with our Manhattan Group gave each member a chance to highlight what it is that makes their work unique and how they can help their patients.



Manju Pradhan focused resiliency and strengthening positive aspects of people.

Joe Askinasi shared with us how acupressure and the cranial sacral approach can help those suffering manage pain and recover movement.

Kristel Carrington highlighted psychotherapy and what that means as a psychiatrist


Dana Hockenberry expanded on orofacial myology and its success strengthening the muscles in the face to help those suffering from sleep apnea

Eva Lana shared her vision, Wellacopia, and the importance of establishing significant relationships between clinicians and the patients they are serving. 

Kristen Buery discussed her married approach, which encourages and supports practice transformation - from conventional to integrative



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Michael Picucci talked about the gift of serving others, and he elaborated on his plans to introduce focalizing to professionals - from body workers to psychotherapists.

Steve Carreras addressed the myths of licensed professionals seeking help with substance abuse, regarding issues of confidentiality and maintaining a license while in treatment and recovery.

Jiuan Heng shared about the purpose of homeopathy and its role in healing and rebalancing one’s energy.





Attended By:
Joseph K. Askinasi, Chiropractic Orthopedist
Steve Carreras, Clinical Interventionist
Kristel Carrington, Psychiatris
Jiuan Heng, Homeopath
Dana K. Hockenbury, Orofacial Myologis
Michael Picucci, Holistic Psychologist
Manju Pradhan, Counseling Psychologist
Robin G. Schlenger, Psychotherapist
Jacqueline Sutera, Podiatric Surgeon
Bill Dennis
Francis Ramirez




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