Our Mission


Our mission is to use our expertise and continuously refined services to facilitate you and your practice's growth by uniquely developing your professional network, functionality and market reach.



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Collaborative Network

Our unique method - a local referral system that supports multiple levels of professional networking, with leadership that facilitates genuine connections between you and your clinical neighbors.  

  • Six peer-to-peer dinner meetings per year where you share, formally, your expertise, learn about others' expertise , connect, share ideas and then cross-refer. 
  • Professionally organized and facilitated open house meetings where you can drop-in or host peers, clients and the healthcare community to expand awareness of your practice, new office, new article or book, or whatever might be essential to you. 

Collaborative Function

Unique systems and leadership that help you better function as a professional and individual.

  • Elite coaching that helps you organize your practice and professional affairs
  • Customized tropical retreats where you and your peers can explore more significant personal and professional functionality through relaxation, professional and personal conversation, and various exercises and activities at villaserena.com.
  • Member Retreats, Workshop Leader's Programs, Collaborative Coaching and Live online member classes

Collaborative Brand

Unique branding and marketing concepts that effectively encapsulate your profession, practice ethos and personality so you can feel good standing out from the crowd.

  • Branding Development
  • Custom Web Design, Digital Design and Print Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns