Gotham Dinner - 11/28/17

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With so much uncertainty in the current state of healthcare, collaboration and communication are more important than ever.  Last night, we had the honor of joining our Gotham Group for dinner and discussion.

Some of our members discussed what lead them towards their careers in the first place and how it has influenced their success.

Michael Picucci [Holistic Psychologist] shared how his blue-collar roots inspired his career path and led him towards earning the NIH award for his research on Trauma and resilience.  Philip Gardiner [Lease Consultant] shared stories of how he was able to help clinicians make their dreams a reality by assisting them with leases over the years.


We explored some of the tools our members are currently using to help their patients.


Jay and Janet Neuhaus [Dental Artists] outlined innovative treatment solutions with oral appliances, which are helping to eliminate sleep apnea in their patients.  Steve Carreras [Clinical Interventionist] discussed the complexity of his protocols in saving professional licenses in Physicians and Lawyers when confronting addiction.


Other members focused on what the future may hold for their field and how they can go even further in improving the lives of their patients.


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Alexis Mundy [Regional Director] spoke to new and upcoming programs at The Caron Foundation in both Pennsylvania and Florida.  Fabiana Franco [Clinical Psychologist] spoke on the complex undertaking of treating Complex Traumas, with a focus on strengthening the process.  Cindy Levitz [Acupuncturist] outlined her successes in treating her patients and her hope to extend that reach even further.

Lastly, our own Bill Dennis reiterated the countless benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration and its role in changing the future of health and wellbeing.


It was an impassioned evening, with conversation so stimulating that we ended up staying later than expected.


Attended By:
Steve Carreras, Clinical Interventionist
Fabiana Franco, Clinical Psychologist
Philip Gardiner, Lease Consultant
Cindy E. Levitz, Licensed Acupuncturis
Michael Picucci, Holistic Psychologist
Alexis Mundy, Regional Resource Director for Caron Treatment Centers
Tatiana Kaletsch, Health & Wellness Coach
Jay Neuhaus, Dental Artistry
Janet Neuhaus

Bill Dennis
Francis Ramirez

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