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Michael Picucci, Ph.D., M.A.C., S.E.P.

Holistic Psychologist 

44 East 12 Street, Suite 3C
New York, NY 10003 and real-time Virtual
(212) 242-5052

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Transcending Talk Therapy.


Michael’s whole person approach and unique style, along with a diverse clientele have established Dr. Picucci as a preferred therapist referral by many prestigious mental health and addiction treatment centers. His research, experience and somatic expertise have been internationally recognized and have been published in five books, numerous publications and many web platforms. His peers recognize Michael as a pioneer in intuitive healing and his work is shared widely. 

He draws from 30 years experience in a wide variety of healing and treatment practices including psychology, psychotherapy, alcoholism/addiction, trauma resolution (using Somatic Experiencing, etc.), dissolution of intimacy and sexuality barriers, basically endeavoring to meet his clients where they are and assisting them in getting ‘unstuck’.

His passion has been affirmed by some of the most prestigious awards bestowed by his professional associations. The most significant being from the National Institutes on Health (NIH/NIDA) for Leadership in Research in 2000 and then the New York State Counselors Association in 2001 and he more recently received the Next Generation Books honors in 2015 for the publication of Focalizing Dynamic Links: A Human Technology for Collectively Engaging Source Energy & Creating a Better Future

Michael’s practice and shared experiences are about living a content, organic life of purpose, service and fun.


Two good possibilities as well, both are 1-minute videos:

2. Video on Whole Person Approach

1. Video on Getting Unstuck