The Gotham Collaborative is a NY-based group comprised of 21 members. 


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Top-level, local clinicians sharing ideas and their lives with one another in order to generate genuine community and strategic partnerships. 


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Birgit Kleinfeld, Homeopathy

Bradley Radwaner, Cardiologist

Carolyn Buskirk, Cosmetic Dentist

Clifford Bassett, Allergist

Dana Cohen, Doctor of Medicine

Gary Ostrow, Osteopathy

George Mussalli, Obstetrics

Jaqueline Worth, Obstetrics

Jay Neuhaus, Dental Artistry

Jiuan Heng, Homeopathy

Kathy Dooley, Rehabilitative Chriopractic

Lawrence Gottesman, TMJ

Lee Marcus, Cardiologist

Lilia Gorodinsky, Osteopathy

Michael Zhuang, Wealth Management

Mikhail Gleyzer, Osteopathy

Peter Rumford, Physical Therapy

Robert Horowitz, Periodontics

Ruschelle Khanna, Psychotherapy

Saul Pressner, Biomimetic Dentistry

Slava Grinman, Licensed Psychotherapist