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Catherine Chadwick, CLNC, RN, BSN

Health And Wellness Manager

178 Columbus Avenue #231573
New York, New York 10023

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YOU'VE GOT NURSE is a concierge service which provides nursing and skills related services, fulfillment of the role of health mentor, patient advocate, family stand-in, or clerk of the works manager. With an extensive background in ICU, Home Health Care, Nurse IV Therapy in Hospital and Home, Law Office Management & Research, and credentialed as a Legal Nurse Consultant and a practitioner of Applied Positive Psychology, Catherine Chadwick can help you help yourself.

She has excellent organizational skills, a critical eye, a listening ear, and an open heart, all of which can be useful in evaluating what you will need in terms of care, incorporating that with what YOU want, as well as planning the physical set up that will facilitate your care in your home with as minimal as possible disruption of your home environment as you have known it. Imagine all of this with a sense of humor, too.

YOU'VE GOT NURSE is not a typical cookie-cutter health care business. This is a concierge home and corporate wellness service that works to set you up to experience the best that you envision. It's not just nursing. It's a humane experience.

Do you have difficulty in managing your health care?

Do you have questions about your diagnosis or medications?

Would you appreciate assistance in coordinating and/or organizing your health/living situation?

Are you interested in learning skills to help yourself?

She wants to help you invest in yourself. You are the best asset that you have.


  • BSN  Alfred University when it was #1 in NYS

  • RN    NYS Education Department Current Registration

  • CLNC Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

  • NYC Certification in Applied Positive Psychology

  • Current certifications for licensure


  • Entrepreneur looking for ways to spread good ideas

  • Writer writing about ways to inspire and elevate awareness

  • Teacher willing to share skills

  • I don't know all the answers, but I can find them

  • Working on being the best role model that I can be