Dear Practitioner,

We specialize in bringing groups of physicians, specialists, dentists, institutions and other healthcare professionals together as a community that supports all aspects of one's life and work as well for professional referral.  Our local communities of healthcare professionals are intimately bonded by their desire to help, understand, and most importantly, work together through cross-referrals, ensuring the patient gets the best care possible. We are looking for one great Ob/Gyn in Maryland. The current members for our Maryland group:

Friendly, innovative and honest patient care are not always east to find.  Our groups of hand selected, unique and successful professionals who collaborate over dinner.   Everyone is hand selected, after research as to how they would benefit not only to group but also themselves.   We believe all this gives you the opportunity to help more patients, learn more from peers for collaborative care, as well as expand your practice, as you surround yourself with equally innovative clinicians who share the same passions and goals as you do.
Our six groups all range from DC,MD,VA to NYC x 2 and NY/CT provide a number of ways for our healthcare professionals to meet and collaborate. At our dinners, there are no sponsors or outside speakers, only an occasional allied professional. Every professional prepares a brief and personal presentation, presenting who they are as well as their goals, personally and professionally.   
Here is an outline of what we do and what you can expect from our Metro Collaborative Dinner Meetings:

  • Short, local, informal presentations by each member at every meeting: six per year.
  • A vision of collaborative, functional and evolving care with an emphasis on the patient centered care.
  • One to two formal presentations by members at each meeting, giving you an expanded knowledge of the practices and approaches of your Metro Collaborative peers.
  • This is also your opportunity (if you so choose) to teach the Collaborative about what you do.
  • Practical strategic partnership discussions; balancing quality care and your practice needs.
  • A true community of support, discussing topics and sharing experiences on how to best handle every day and bigger picture issues in your practice. Topics have included: difficult patients, how to balance quality care and scaling your business, motivating and training staff, social media management, website strategies, and insurance coordination, to name a few.  
  • Our intimate setting allows for an exchange of experiences, including successes, methods and practical logistics. See:
  • Quality clinician connections, allowing you to effectively have a multi-disciplinary approach to health care and the care of your clients.
  • Collaboration and trustworthy referrals become the norm as you communicate what you do with your colleagues regularly. 

Our CEO, Bill Dennis, has developed these groups from relationships with some of our founding clinicians that began over the last 34 years ago. Consequently, our groups are very unique, selective and diverse. Originally a psychotherapist, he has been a practice management consultant for over three decades. 
With our membership includes:

  • Presence on our website, as part of the Metro Collaborative group, with your own bio page, which is optimized for web search engines.
  • Access to the Metro Collaborative member Forum used for intra-group communications.
  • Inclusion in cross-Metro Collaborative group events, such as colleague’s informal get togethers, practice open houses, etc.
  • Invitations and access for your purposes to our Caribbean retreats and retreat center:, on practice management, health care, self-care, and integrative medicine as well as possible comprehensive practice support, see:
  • Access to excellent local practice services such as private business consulting, web design, practice valuations and more.
  • A quarterly newsletter, polls and announcements.
  • Access to meetings in Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, DC, Tysons Corners, VA as well as 3 in greater NYC, including White Plains as well as our workshops.
  • With offices in NYC and DC, we focus our energies and expertise in cultures we really understand support each practice appropriately.
  • Support your collaborative retreats and joint sponsored retreats on the beach, at our retreat center and hotel,

Our facilitator:
Bill Dennis, CEO of Metro Collaborative
(609) 876-9163
Metro Collaborative Retreats
Skype: billyjoedennis
Click here to learn more about Bill. 

You and Bill could Skype or have a phone call or meet to see how we might support you. His cell is 609-876-9163. How might we learn more about your work?

Thank You!

Lakshman Nirmalwad
Administrative Executive
Metro Collaborative
Practice Success
(609) 876-9163

Choose well, your choice is brief, and yet endless…