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Bill Dennis, President & CEO

Bill leads our team by offering workshops in stress management and practice building as well as facilitating of our groups. He is passionate about supporting clinicians, leading our retreat program and workshops at our retreat center, Villa Serena. He also thrives on leading our team and in creating success for health and wellness providers.

Bill originally founded Practice Success as an effort to introduce integrative coaching and consulting to clinicians. He believed that the time had come to ‘reinvent’ the health industry by creating networks of likeminded, forward-thinking individuals - starting in greater DC and NYC. As they began to work together, these interdisciplinary, collaborative groups
began to expand the perspectives of its members. This offshoot project eventually evolved into a thriving program, now known as Metro Collaborative. It has attracted various health professionals looking for new techniques to expand their businesses and connect with other innovators.

Observing the notable progress members were making within these forums, it quickly became clear that business acceleration groups were on the cutting edge for problem-solving, as well as professional solidarity and connectivity. Indeed, these groups provide ways for business owners, physicians, dentists and practitioners of all disciplines to learn, connect and collaborate to create cross-referral opportunities.

The Path to Metro Collaborative

Bill's background is extensive and spans several decades. In New York City, he worked as a psychotherapist and stress management consultant, coaching executives, physicians, and dentists on maintaining work/life balance. He extended this practice into coaching physicians on improving their business models by focusing on integrative methods for success,
such as ‘client-centered communication.’

Completing a degree in psychology and humanities at Carnegie Mellon University, Bill worked as a biofeedback therapist, meditation teacher and coordinator of services at The Combined Therapy Program of The Himalayan Institute. He then completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Bill moved to Greenwich Village to open The Center for Holistic Medicine in 1978 with Rudolph Ballentine, MD, practicing psychotherapy and stress management consulting. After starting a family there, he began modernizing dental and medical offices throughout the North East through the introduction of technology.

Over the last few decades, he has evolved his contribution to the healthcare community, always maintaining his focus on leadership, technology, and team building. In the intervening years, he served at the Seltzer Institute, Coaching Solutions, among others. He founded Coaching Solutions (2000-2009), a collaborative practice management firm that implemented transformation with a broad team-based approach to complex business issues.

He has taught at The NJ AGD and has lectured at The Academy of General Dentistry, the Tufts and NYU Dental Schools, and numerous study clubs around the country. From participating at Shalom Mountain Retreats, serving as President of The Center for Conscious Living and the Team Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Education, he has learned to envision and generate transformation. Last year, he lectured on leadership at the Cleveland Dental Society.

Bill and his wife live their passion by leading retreats, wellness programs, and workshops in Bethesda, MD and at their retreat facility, Villa Serena (Dominican Republic). He splits most of his time between New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland, and enjoys skiing, yoga, and spending quality time with his sons and stepsons.

For information on workshops, leadership programs, & executive coaching, contact


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FRANCIS RAMIREZ, Director Of Business Development

Francis uses his background in communication, marketing, and business planning to help clients realize their professional and fiscal goals. As managing partner of a medical practice, he knows first-hand the pressures affecting our profession and business. Whether it is just starting, established or is in transition, he takes steps to maximize the value and functionality of your practice.

He works with associations, small businesses, and individuals and sorts through symptoms to addresses their root causes. In doing so, he guides his clients achieve meaningful improvements.

He can be reached directly at:

202-670-1670 or


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Dr. Carmel Wiseman, Chiropractor

With over a decade of experience taking care of a wide variety of patients, Dr. Carmel Wiseman is ready to bring her knowledge, her dedication and skills to you.

Dr. Wiseman is Nationally Board Certified, and holds a license to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Her speciality is caring for families and received post-doctoral training in Pediatrics and Perinatal care (Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, 2008). In order to serve the varied needs of varied patients, she practices a variety of techniques. Several times a year she engages in continuing education seminars to provide the most effective and relevant care to her practice members.

She is one of the few Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctors in the area in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique. Other techniques include CranioSacral, NeuroEmotional Technique, Webster's, and Kiniesology. She is an extraordinary communicator and leader. We are thrilled to have her on our team.


Dr. Jack Levine, DEntist

Jack Levine is a Connecticut dentist whose life goals are to understand and serve his clients.  He has been involved in the gathering and leading groups for holistic health and medicine for the last 30 years.  He was associated with The Connection for Health, AMICUS, and Lotus.  Each group represented likeminded holistic health practices joining together for learning, support, and referral generation. 

His educational background starts at Lafayette College and then on to Temple University School of Dentistry, four years with the US Army and a student at the  L D. Pankey Institute. 

His leadership and volunteer work began with Himalayan Health Care, Director; Great Shape Inc. in Jamaica; Dental Volunteers for Israel.  As a former faculty member at UCONN School of Dental Medicine he has led student trips to Peru, Jamaica and Haiti. 

Dr Levine has been honored by his colleagues with Fellowships in the following prestigious academies:  American College of Dentists, International College of Dentists, Academy of Dentists International, Academy of General Dentistry, and the Pierre  Fuchard  Academy. 

After a private restorative dentistry practice of more than 40 years, he now joins the Metro Collaborative Team to assist other healthcare professional though this time of expansion and transition.

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Lakshman Nirmalwad, Data Analyst

Lakshman graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University in 2007. 
While there, he realized his innate attraction to accounting, economics - and really numbers in general.

There was a certain ease to calculating - it spoke to him. Macro and micro economics were interesting and fun; figuring out numerical problems and their relation and application to the real world were fascinating and practical -  a passion he considered important and worth cultivating.

Today, he applies his love for calculations and numbers to Metro Collaborative - working "behind the scenes" to help it thrive on a number of "backend" levels. 

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Ann Thompson, Poet-Pastor-Reiki Master

Ann M. Thompson, MA, CMRM, NCMT (Ret) is a Certified Medical Reiki Master, Reiki teacher, and professional writer-editor specializing in the health sciences. She serves on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Reiki Research – an international organization that collects, evaluates and summarizes peer-reviewed scientific research on Reiki. Ann has practiced Reiki since the mid-1990s and was a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for ten years (now retired). Today, she teaches and practices Reiki from her own studio in the Washington, DC area and is an on-staff Reiki Master for the Bethesda Salt Cave. Ann also is a Certified End-of-Life Doula, ordained Interfaith Pastor, and published poet/essayist (

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Natasha Despotovic, Director of Retreat Programs

Natasha has a strong career of her own outside of Metro Collaborative, being involved in various international political projects.  She is the executive director for the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development and runs the Global Film Festival, which focuses on important cinema that highlights political and social issues ongoing around the world.

For Metro Collaborative, Natasha runs our Retreat program. She runs these workshops at her hotel, Villa Serena, in the Dominican Republic. While there, she uses her expansive training in Yoga and meditation to personally coach you on how to better integrate a manageable lifestyle outside of your business, so that you can better thrive in each area of your life.   Her commitment to teaching these practices, along with homeopathy, delights those in need of learning practical healing arts.


Ramsey Dennis, Director of Branding & Design

After earning his BA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, Ramsey has pursued an entrepreneurial career in branding, web development, communications and marketing. At Metro Collaborative, he serves in these same areas, directing our branding and web development strategies. 

Ramsey is passionate about the arts and prefers to use branding and design as professional vehicles to regularly utilize these passions. Beyond the arts, Ramsey is fascinated with communications - particularly for the benefits of reaching others, and coming up with innovative ideas for individuals to connect. He applies his strengths in communications to Metro Collaborative by generating exciting branding, design and marketing concepts. 

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Sandy Demopoulos, LCSW-R, Engagement Advisor

Sandy Demopoulos, psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker has 30 years of experience in treating diverse patients with a variety of mental health issues including chemical dependency at multiple levels of care. Her current private practice in White Plains, Mt. Kisco NY and online, provides psychotherapy, addictions counseling, EAP services, DWI and DOT/SAP assessments and treatment.  Sandy is unique in seeing patients who are actively having issues with alcohol or drugs. As patients stabilize, they are empowered to find their voice in a collaborative, nurturing, therapeutic relationship.

“Never ask ‘Can I do this?’ Ask instead: ‘How can I do this?’” – Dan Zadra