"The danger is a future where doctors are technicians, not physicians." - Transcendence, movie 2014

 It is apt to all professionals in the healthcare system; Doctors, dentists, psychologist, psychiatrists, etc., as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other integrative medicine professions, whose role is to facilitate healing and restoring health of patients. Patients of today are not looking for more than someone who has an impressive education background, but a  practitioner that embodies an essential dimension that provides a quality health care experience: Compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Metro Collaborative believes in creating an environment where healthcare professionals can have a focused leadership, self-care, and strategic decision-making retreat. Our retreat program is geared for clinicians, business owners, and individuals wanting to deepen their skills in leadership, self-care, and strategic decision-making.

Our goal is to generate healthcare practices for the future with the clarity that comes easily with the sun, pristine air, breathtaking beaches, delicious gourmet cuisine, and retreat curriculum that nurtures compassion among caregivers and leaders and develop compassionate human interactions into organizational processes and practices.


Set in a backdrop of sun, pristine air, and breathtaking beaches, our retreat program encourages an interconnected life/work balance with an emphasis on habits, finding essential solutions on health, and successful communication models and health care.

Our daily case schedule includes options for:

  • Yoga, water yoga and meditation 
  • Instruction in systematic relaxation and breathing 
  • Zumba, hiking, snorkeling, bicycling 
  • Available on demand: massage, horseback riding, scuba diving and boat excursions 
  • Meals are included in the program. 

    Spouses/partners/family welcome. 

Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Integrating innovative health options 
  • Working from "inside/out"
  • Transformative careers and healthy business models 
  • Engaging others at a higher level in work and play
  • Effective, strategic leadership 
  • Healthy partnerships 
  • Interdisciplinary approaches 
  • Work/Life balance 
  • Perfecting your positive practice 
  • Building Strategic Partnerships 
  • Community and working together
  • Solitude and working alone