The Westchester Collaborative is a fast-growing group comprised of 12 members. 


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Through our clinical community, we are creating new ideas and STRUCTURES for our patients and ourselves, so that all involved can better operate WITHIN he county.

led by president and executive coach Bill Dennis, the group carries a strong culture and has expectations for consistent growth.






Adam Massoud, Certified Acupuncturist

Angela Yee Chen, Acupuncture

Ben Miraglia, Dentistry

Birgit Kleinfeld, Homeopath

Jan Zislis, Emergency Medicine

Michael Gelb, Sleep Apnea

Minerva Patel, Pediatric Dentistry

Paula Fabbie, Oral Facial Myologist

Robert Horowitz, Periodontics

Robert Rioseco, Cosmetic Dentistry

Sandra Lithgow, Board Certified in Internal Medicine

The Blum Center, Comprehensive Health Center