Our Services

We provide Collaborative Group as our main and foundational service; these speaking opportunities support practice growth at our local dinners for practice owners. 

Our Collaborative Coaching is eclectic and customized to support you through our network of professional CPAs, attorneys, therapists and practice consultants, including our team listed here.

Collaborative Retreats combines our expertise in supporting your workshops in ideal locations around the US and the world as our affiliate properties.   

Collaborative Studio and Collaborative Design includes all aspects of marketing and can be added to our foundational service, or selected individually.

It all depends on what you seek for your practice, your team and yourself


Local Interdisciplinary Dinners

Our Gateway Program

Connect and present your practice at our local interdisciplinary dinners with non-competing peers.  Enjoy a collaborative, cross-referral relationship with a diverse group: from senior care, medicine, dentistry, alternative care, mental health, and beyond.

Executing a new model for private healthcare. 

Extend your horizons and expand your reach by enhancing your ability to communicate your vision by developing your public speaking and social media skill.  Our posts on LinkedIn and Facebook support each event (over 50 per year) with photos and mention of high points of discussion.  With events receiving over 6,000 views, member’s exposure is significant.  Through documenting our activities on social media, exposure of our clients and their work is maximized.


Custom Coaching & Consulting Programs

Work with Metro Collaborative’s founder, Bill Dennis, and the Metro Collaborative team to begin the next step of your professional journey.  For those who are looking to pivot and/or expand you practice, our add-on coaching packages provide mindful guidance from one of our specialists, as you move forward systemically and systemically.   Our legal, marketing, and HR coaches take the risk out of transformation and growth.

With decades of practice management experience, we have helped countless clients take steps towards living their passion.   Our practice transitions program is comprehensive, customized, and unique.


Retreat & Workshop Programs    

Have you led (or co-led) a wellness program in the Caribbean, the Berkshires or elsewhere?  Would you be interested in developing a retreat program?

We work with support clinicians and educators wanting to provide innovative retreat programs to clients at our breath-taking retreat center in the Dominican Republic, see villaserena.com.  This opportunity can prepare clinicians to deepen their skills in leadership, self-care and strategic decision-making.  Expand your practice and your self-understanding.


Marketing and Design Programs

Reaching your ideal audience can often be time-consuming and confusing.  Creating a digital identity and branding strategy is the most effective way to define and connect to that niche market.  Our team can help you do just that.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Responsive websites - to connect with clients on desktop and mobile
  • Print design
  • Social media enhancement
  • Open Houses for clinicians
  • Webinar development
  • Blog features
  • Distribution of media
  • Ghostwriting/Copywriting