Collaborative Groups

Our Collaborative Groups help you create strategic partnerships. Our dinner meetings connect and familiarize you with other health professionals. This more intimate networking allows you to collaboratively build a higher quality client base. Beyond building your client base, you will learn from each other's health and business practices through constructive discussions.

With Collaborative Groups, our experience brings community, clarity and functionality to optimize your practice - both clinically and financially. 

Our process is Simple.


Have Dinner with your Local Peers

Through facilitated discussion, learn more about your peers as people and professionals - understand their uniqueness, purpose and the quality of their work.



By educating and learning from your peers, you gain a better sense of health care as a whole, better appreciate your peers' fields, and also get a better sense of what your clients might be going through outside your own treatment of them.



Experience personal and group conversations that allow you to develop more intimate encounters.


Make Referrals

After developing a sense of who your peer is as a person and a professional, comfortably and confidently make referrals for your clients. 

How MC Groups Work - 5.png

Collaborative Care

Due to the process of the previous four steps, the potential for high-quality, integrative care emerges. 



We work to facilitate this!