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Outreach's purpose is to make sure you are reaching the right people in the digital landscape. Everyone is on the internet, but not everyone is the right fit for you. We help find the fit with elite marketing and branding strategies.


2 Services


In Outreach, we provide two services to ensure you affect the clients you seek — with Market and Brand.



A proven, one-of-a-kind marketing service that streamlines your connection with peers and patients on social media and beyond.



Unique branding and design concepts that encapsulate your profession, practice ethos and personality so you can feel good standing out from the crowd.


Accelerate Your Practice

You need to sustain and grow your practice, and as time changes, so do the tools needed to do so. It used to be neighborhood word-of-mouth, the sign on your window and newspaper ads — most are still vital, but your online impression and your ability to showcase it online is too. You need skilled technicians who can elevate you


Proactive Outreach

For prospects to get to know you, they need to see you — they need you to proactively reach out to them so you’re easy to access (marketing) and they need to know what you and your practice are about through aesthetics and messaging (branding). Not all marketing and branding services are equal, so choose well.



How Market Works


Market is a multifaceted, interpersonal service we manage so you can expand your influence and reach — whether to develop a sales funnel, promote events, or sell products and services. We engage your new and existing contacts and develop meaningful relationships from them.


Expand your overall network

Employing best practices and focused demographics, we use a part automated, part manually ran social media sofware system — expanding your network to include high value contacts.


Narrow Down through Engagement

The contact and engagement process is vital in setting the stage for a productive relationship. As this process is under way, only those who are interested and most qualified continue with the engagement process.


Find Best fits for Synchronistic RElationships

Before the candidates become priority leads, we confirm urgency, needs, and other terms essential for a client relationship.


Be connected to verified, meaningful Partners

Through this narrowed down, layered process, you are now connected to new partners and clients that share your interets and priorities.


How Brand Works


Brand provides you with elite, online messaging and aesthetic strategy and execution — so that your practice's impression on site visitors is respected and accurately grasped.



A brand is a communicated identity of you and your practice via the channel of design and language. To communicate you properly, we generate an understanding of you and your practice and begin to execute.



Whether it be a website, logo, flyers or business cards, the design process is meant to communicate what you and your service stand for through aesthetics and messaging.



When a customized identity is required, so is coding and development. We provide custom, coded websites uniquely catered to you and your practice — helping you stand out from the crowd.



Once completed, you can make it known to the digital world who you are, what you're about, and why you can uniquely help them with their needs.


October 2017

Metro Collaborative has a unique approach to helping healthcare professionals succeed. Their background in psychology, sales, coaching, and marketing combine to give them a skillset that is hard to duplicate. MC helped me find a better way to communicate with patients and ultimately have a more fulfilling dental practice.

Marvin A. Fier, DDS, FASDA


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Additional Benefits

By becoming part of Outreach, we incorporate you into our connective, Metro Collaborative hub, providing you with an invaluable online presence on our website and entry-access to our other services.


Presence on our Site

We're in the digital era — because of that it's quite important to be easily found and known online. With our high-ranking website, we can generate a profile for you so that you can be featured here.

Entry-Access to Network

Interpersonal communications never lose value — it is where and how trust is consolidated and fortified. We provide intimate, networking meetings over dinner — as a qualified Outreach member, we provide you access to participate in one of our meetings.


First Consideration for our Leader Waitlist

Our Leader curriculum is a crash-course in character and habit development led by our CEO and President, Bill Dennis. Here, he created his own course, based on his 40+ years of experience, to assist signees in accelerating personal and professional development

First Consideration for Retreat Waitlist

We provide all members initial consideration to attend our Retreat program. As a member of Outreach, you are also provided that accomodation. Retreat provides signees with the opportunity to let go and immerse themselves in community and personal and professional reflection.


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