Westchester Dinner - 06/04/18

We celebrated The Metro Collaborative Interdisciplinary Westchester dinner @ The Rye Bar and Grille

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Our intimate dinner allowed several in-depth discussions.  On physical therapies,  the role in healing and overall health as it relates to psychiatry (Jeffrey Smith, MD).   and, by (Robert Rioseco, DDS) the role of restorative dentistry's "full mouth reconstruction"  in uplifting a person's self-esteem and confidence for life as well as the relationship of all these to each other and psychotherapy and addiction counseling from Sandy Demopolis, MSW.   We also had a short discussion on Interdisciplinary practice integration and logistics as we celebrated our fifth year.


Susmita Bandopadhyay, Envir Toxicologist
Bill Dennis, Facilitator & Consultant
Sandy Demopoulos, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Natasha Despotovic, Homeopath
Bronwyn Fitz, Obstetrician Gynecologist
Robin Friedman, Psychotherapist
Philip Gardiner, Lease Consultant
Michael Gelb, Sleep Apnea
Mary Heaven, Licensed Acupuncturist
Eduardo Haynes, Dietitian
Birgit Kleinfeld, Homeopath
Sandra Lithgow, Internal Medicine
Adam Massoud, Certified Chiropractor
Ben Miraglia, Dentistry
Francis Ramirez, Practice Logistics Consultant
Robert Rioseco, Cosmetic Dentistry
Evan S. Schwartz, Esq
Nidhi Sharma, Physiotherapist
Mayank Shukla, Pulmonologist & Sleep Doctor
Jeffery Smith, Psychiatrist
Yohei Takada, Physical Therapy
Jan Zislis - Emergency & Concierge Physician


If you are interested in participating in future events, we encourage you to contact us.  We are always looking for exceptional people to join our community.

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