Westchester Dinner - 02/06/18

What an extraordinary Westchester interdisciplinary study group dinner. A collaborative and spirited discussion on what precisely each practice could do for the well fair of the patient as well as the future of well care in Manhattan, Westchester, Fairfield Counties.   


It seemed that each practice was a "Who's Who" in each of the disciplines represented; all saw the three counties as a single section of the New York City metro that - given the roads and trains offer patients a unique ability to travel to the best clinician and not the most convenient.  Each presentation generated ideas on ideal patients for cross-referral and collaboration.


Bronwyn Fitz, Obstetrician Gynecologist
Robin Friedman, Psychotherapist
Philip Gardiner, Lease Consultant
Robert Horowitz, Periodontics
Adam Massoud, Certified Chiropractor
Mary Heaven, Licensed Acupuncturist
Jaqueline Worth, Obstetrics
Nazia Ahmed, Dentist
Ben Miraglia, Dentistry
George Mussalli, Obstetrics
Tatiana Kaletsch, Health & Wellness Coach
Susmita Bandopadhyay, Envir Toxicologist
Jeffery Smith, Psychiatrist
Birgit Kleinfeld, Homeopath
Sandy Demopoulos, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Steve Carreras, Clinical Interventionist
Jan Zislis - Emergency & Concierge Physician
Robert Rioseco, Cosmetic Dentistry
Evan S. Schwartz, Esq
Francis Ramirez, Practice Logistics Consultant
Bill Dennis, Facilitator & Consultant


If you are interested in participating in future events, we encourage you to contact us.  We are always looking for exceptional people to join our community.

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