DC/Maryland is comprised of 17 members.  



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There are a variety of interesting personalities in our collaborative, allowing for a good time in the midst of communal our progress and productivity.

While Our groups are structured so that there is a clear direction and our goals are being met, they are nevertheless interwoven into a fun-vibed, social environment. 




Alice W. Lee, Holistic Psychiatry

Beth Albaneze,  CTRS, CPRP

David Fishman, Sex Therapy

David Schneider, Periodontics

Debra Norberg, Case Management

Delara Tavakoli, OB/GYN, Anti-Aging

Doug Pincock, Pediatric Dentistry

Jeff Hughes, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

Jennifer Tipograph, Dentistry

Lisa Marie Price, Acupuncture

Marlys Rixey, Behavioral Health Counselor

Michael Zhuang, Wealth Management

Richard Rubin, Cardiology

Shannon Harris, Regional Resource Director

Sherry Benica, Psychology

Siva Sreenivassan, Oral Surgery

Stephen Friedman, General Dentistry