Sherry Benica - RN, MSN, PsyD



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15803 Crabbs Branch Way 

2nd Floor

Rockville, Maryland 20855

(240) 392-1801

I offer balance and peace of mind through a professional and caring process. I view every individual as a whole person with unique needs. With this in mind, I use a combination of experiential and cognitive-behavioral therapy, seeking to understand your unique thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. I believe early understanding of your issues leads to more targeted interventions and greater success with your treatment. We set goals early in the process so that the most successful solutions are found leading to positive change for you as soon as possible.

I have a genuine interest in your life story and how your story shapes who you are today. I encourage the use of laughter when appropriate because of its positive therapeutic effects. The use of laughter combined with my strong clinical skills facilitates a solid therapeutic relationship and successful outcomes.

In addition to psychotherapy, I also provide psychological testing services for individuals of all ages. I offer psychoeducational testing, attention processing assessments, general psychological evaluations, parenting assessments, and adoption evaluations.


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