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Michael Zhuang is the founder and principal of MZ Capital Management, a wealth management firm specializing in working with physicians. Our motto is “Enable a Simple and Flourishing Life.”

Career Start

Michael became a physician’s advisor after a life changing incident when his own family doctor called him for help. Watch Michael telling that story.

6 Major Issues of Physicians

Michael helps his physician clients deal with:

  1. Investment
  2. Tax mitigation
  3. Asset protection
  4. Heir protection
  5. Practice succession 
  6. Charitable planning

He liberates them from the burden of keeping their personal finances in good order so that they can live a simple and flourishing life doing what they do best and enjoy most.


Unlike most financial advisors, Michael is highly-educated. He has dual Masters Degrees in Mathematics and Quantitative Finance from Carnegie Mellon University. He was also a PhD candidate for Financial Economics. The PhD training taught him how to think rigorously and research thoroughly.

Investment philosophy

Michael practices evidence-based investing that is inspired by Nobel Prize winners Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller. He is deeply influenced by Warren Buffet in value orientation and patience, by David Swensen in rigor and process and by John Bogle in keeping the lost and being a good steward of clients' money.


Michael was a regular contributor to Morningstar and Physicians Practice. He also blogs at The Investment Fiduciary and KevinMD.


Michael loves storytelling and musical improv comedy. He hosts a show called Storyfest Short Slam every month in Bethesda. He performed musical improv at Bayfront Theatre in San Francisco. 

Second Opinion Review

The Second Opinion Financial Review is by far his most popular service. Most people, including many physicians, don't know where they are financially and if they are on track to retire securely. The review will answer those questions. If you have a “financial advisor” from any major Wall Street bank, there are almost always exorbitantly costly investments in your portfolio that will benefit the banks and the brokers. You especially need a CT scan of your portfolio! Schedule a review (or phone call) with Michael.




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