Dear Practitioner,

We see you might make a great fit, speaking at our interdisciplinary dinners, the NoVa Collaborative

We are looking for one innovative clinician in your niche to participate and speak with at our local evening interdisciplinary dinner/meetings. 

See our NoVa group members at:

The inked list does not include a few new members:
Steve Lampa, CEO and owner of The Kensington, Falls Church, VA
Dawn McGruder - a Certified Public Accountant and President of The McGruder Group.

We specialize in bringing local groups of independent health care clinicians and Elder Care specialists together for structured dinner gatherings regularly. Upon review of your credentials, locality and convenience to our meeting place we would like to invite you to become a part of MC.

Our members are hand selected by our staff after thorough research on how each may benefit the whole group. Each member is a unique and successful professional who promises to collaborate through cross-referrals.

During the dinner, every professional will prepare a brief presentation about their personal and professional goals with the intention of learning from and helping the other members.

Bill Dennis, former psychotherapist is CEO of Metro Collaborative has personally fashioned each group of professionals so each are exclusive, hand-selective, and most importantly, complementary.   

Our membership also includes:
o   Presence on our website to include your bio page
o   Access to the Metro Collaborative member Forum and dinners
o   Inclusion in cross-Metro Collaborative group events and retreats
o   Access to excellent practice services to include private business consulting and web
    development and design.
o   Newsletters, polls and announcements.

Our facilitator:
Bill Dennis, CEO of Metro Collaborative
(609) 876-9163
Metro Collaborative Retreats
Skype: billyjoedennis
Click here to learn more about Bill. 

We look forward to hearing from you so that you may collaborate with other professionals who allow for cross-referencing with the intention of supporting your client’s needs that will ensure your professional success. 

Thank You!

Lakshman Nirmalwad
Administrative Executive
Metro Collaborative
Practice Success
(609) 876-9163

Choose well, your choice is brief, and yet endless…