The DC Collaborative is our newest group. 


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Our next Meeting 

At the DC Collaborative, we are looking to create something special in the nation's capital by building a collaborative network to help both patients and clinicians. 

We have a variety of exercises you can participate in, led by our president and executive coach, Bill Dennis.



Armin Abron, Periodontics

Beth Albaneze,  CTRS, CPRP

Charles Gant, Precision Medicine

David Fishman, Sex Therapy

David Walls-Kaufman, Chiropractor

Debra Norberg, Case Management

Delara Tavakoli, OB/GYN, Anti-Aging

Jennifer Robertson, Psychology

Kira Tewalt, Home Care for All Ages

Lisa Smith, Couples Counseling

Michael Zhuang, Wealth Management

Noelle Dunn, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Paul Kourtsounis, Doctorate In Dental Surgery

Rob Williams, Social Work