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Studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic and edited the student newspaper and while there made a whirlwind tour of the famous faculty and personalities to bring to life for the student body the fascinating living history of their profession. David is a historian not only of chiropractic, but also medicine and the American social history that gave rise to the two sciences and the separate views that underpin the great dilemma of how to render effective national healthcare care that does not break nations financially.

Walls-Kaufman remains convinced that chiropractic, being the most efficient inroad into the Master System of Human Well-being, i.e. the nervous system and brain, then this controversial and still misunderstood profession of chiropractic probably plays an essential role in rationalizing and making cost-effective modern healthcare.

Walls-Kaufman also instructs, writes and participates in music, tai chi, fiction writing and painting. He has delivered pro bono chiropractic services for five years to under served women at the world renowned N Street Village Women's Shelter and received their Man of the Year Award in 2011 for his charitable service. Walls-Kaufman believes it is essential for chiropractors to learn from the charitable history of medicine in the early 20th century in order to accelerate overcoming the strong resistance that still exists that prevents the chiropractic model of clinical neurological function from helping elevate international public health.

He pursues fiction writing to introduce chiropractic and chiropractic concepts into story to give lay audiences a fun look into how society might function if nations delivered a "brain-first" healthcare approach. He has published articles in the Washington Post, Tai Chi Magazine, International Chiropractic Association Journal, AJCC and he writes a blog at capitolhilltaichil.com. He has authored a novel Caesar Americus: One Party Rule.


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