Our Services

We provide "Collaborative Groups" as our main and foundational service. "Collaborative Coaching", "Collaborative Retreat", "Collaborative Studio" and "Collaborative Design" can be added to our foundational service, or selected individually.

It all depends on what you seek in your career or for your team.


Collaborative Groups

Our foundational service. Meet and connect with non-competing local peers in order to educate, learn and network with one another. Discuss practical ways to improve the models of your practice or business or explore new and alternative visions for the future of health care.

Extend your horizons and expand your success.


Collaborative Coaching

For those who are looking to pivot, improve or expand their practice. Our add-on coaching package provides mindful guidance as you seek to grow and move forward - so you can do so in an informed way.   

Work with Metro Collaborative founder, Bill Dennis, and his team to take a new step in your journey as a practitioner. With many decades of practice management experience, we have helped a plethora of owners take new steps, grow and succeed.

Our transitions program is comprehensive and always customized.


Collaborative Retreat

Collaborative Retreat is our third add-on package geared for clinicians and business owners wanting to deepen their skills in leadership, self-care and strategic decision-making.  We host our attendees at The Villa Serena in the Dominican Republic in the late summer and early winter.


Collaborative Design

In today's digital world, it is more important than ever to "be with the times" on the branding and marketing front.

  • Having a modern website that works with desktops, tablets and smartphones.  
  • A well-communicated brand identity for your company, practice or organization.
  • Reaching the people you want to reach, in the most effective way possible.

With our designer and connections, we help you do just that - with web design, digital design, print design and branding strategy