Open House-Columbia MD 3/8: summary and thank you to Dr. Phyllis Hefner


The team @ Metro Collaborative gives a Special Thanks to Phyllis Hefner, MD for hosting a fun, and productive evening at her new highly functional office. Her vision of a dynamic Open house occurred last week easily.


Thanks to the spirited elite discussions from:

Ben Gonzalez, MD

Marvin H. Berman, PhD, CBT

Jenn Viridis, Accountant

Dr. Lisa Gordon

Phyllis Hefner, MD

Karan Joy Almond

Francis Ramirez

Bill Dennis, M.Ed.


Only gratitude for your commitment of time, intellect as well as the professional risk involved in sharing your work with local peers, not only at our interdisciplinary collaborative open house.

Metro Collaborative’s open houses often center around a single group conversation. We had no time for this!  Everyone was paired up in intense discussions on what was most important.  So, no one knows what was discussed in the many conversations. Our innovators from throughout Greater DC,  having meaningful and productive exchanges with all recharged and finding collaboration & collaborative care.

Usually, Metro Collaborative members speak to the group extemporaneously. It was in this spirit that listening informs speaking; enabling more perspectives, perceptions, cross-referrals. So, active communal communication continues; with a functional and sturdy level of professional care.

Open house @ Dr. Ben Gonzolez's office, on May 9th; we think. Stay tuned!