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Westchester/Fairfield Interdisiciplinary Collaborative Dinner & Meeting 6/8/16; 6:30pm; Location to be determined

Please RSVP for our dynamic & effective dinner meeting. Feel free to recommend a location or volunteer your office.

Join us on 6/8 by 6:30PM so we can get started on time

We should have a very upbeat group but if you cannot attend, please let me know so we might find another dinner in NYC.

 Again, our agenda, if we're  efficient: 

  1. Best practices, collaborative successes and new member introductions as our team expands gracefully.
  2. Strategic referrals. From talking to everyone, we know how important your presentations are but so are your functional connections and touches with colleagues between our dinners.   Sharing information, social media, with emails, call, etc really support trust and relationship; the beginning of collaboration and a better understanding of what exactly each other does and how exactly to refer.     
  3. Our new Google Groups - one group - for both for our Greater DC and NY communities, for discussions that we can not address at our dinners
  4. Deciding what other disciplines would be strategic to our two groups.   Who would our community benefit, who would benefit from being part of this and who is a fit?
  5. A Collaborative Program or lecture series;  do you want it?   If so, we need a concrete proposal or proposals for a comprehensive collaborative program to the public.
  6. Partnering  and collaborations for Westchester Magazine (w/ group portrait?), Facebook, and other social media.

We look for innovative, committed and outstanding clinicians!