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Metro Collaborative: Interdisciplinary Dinner UPDATE: Mykonos Grill Congressional Plaza, 121 Congressional Ln, Rockville: 6/21, 630pm

RSVP so we can schedule appropriate table at Mykonos Grill, Congressional Plaza, 121 Congressional Way, Rockville, MD
We have a private room there so our conversation should be easier.

If you cannot attend, please let me know so we might find another dinner.  

Our ambitious agenda with goals for the evening, in a slight order of priority: 

  • Introduce your story, history, successes, philosophies, strategies, methods, approaches, attitudes, techniques; etc.   Your introduction ideally will be 4-7 minutes, maximum and be refined for the group present, some who you know and some you may be meeting for the first time.   If there are questions, you have more time so answer them well!
  • Functional connections - those with the most synergy with you may be enhanced with "connecting" between our dinners.   Sharing with social media, emails, call, etc really support trust and relationship.  Often, it is simple for colleagues aligned or complementary with you to just see each others offices.  It is not easy to understand what exactly each other does and how exactly to refer.   In NYC, many have had open houses......
  • Effective referrals to each other and to our groups is very similar in that both involved a transference of good will and understanding.
  • A short discussion of our objectives, inviting ideas that interface with the public, institutions, social media as well as presentation to the public.
  • Strategic collaborating on Facebook,, Instagram and Google Groups - is one of the easiest and most effective methods.
  • What other disciplines would be strategic for our group?  Who would our community benefit?   Who would you like to see here?
  • A Collaborative Interdisciplinary lecture series for the public?   If so, we need some one accountable as well as a concrete proposal or proposals for a comprehensive collaborative series.
  • Innovative sharing of offices and teams
  • How to refer to members of our other groups as well as how to encourage referrals from those groups and build your connection to those clinicians. 

Thank you for your commitment.  Few dispute that our health care is in need of interdisciplinary approaches, for everyone's sake.   Collaboration works, even if on a basic referral basis.  In NYC, DC, NJ, VA, MD we see success even from diverse disciplines.   (, the 60 yr old foundation,  is joining us in DC and hopefully here in NY soon to help combat the opiate epidemic.)