The Columbia Metro Collaborative Interdisciplinary Dinner Group Celebrated it's First Anniversary

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Welcome to the group: Dan Sullivan, Wells Fargo's health care lending for practice start-ups, transitions,  and practice upgrades also shared an eclectic history in finance and banking

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Patti Sapp: Shared her journey into wellness and hypnosis explaining how to focus in hypnosis and how and why it works.   She shared some of her cases involving weight loss, addiction, learning, smoking cessation.

Marilyn Blackston M.D. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and it's subtle effects on neuromuscular as well as emotional balance in adults and children.

Welcome to the group, Jon Feldman. Jon outlined the nurturing approach of Ascension treatment Center in Palm Springs, CA and shared the extraordinary cost of the opioid epidemic, it devastating effects on young adults nationally, regionally and locally with over 60,000

Bill Dennis M.Ed. , welcomed Jon Feldman and Dan Sullivan and expressed his happiness with this, our newest group, that celebrated it's the first anniversary at this dinner

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Gene Sambataro, D.D.S. The toll of sleep apnea on human functionality, the cost of treatment for TMJ surgery; with every surgery.   He explained who dental appliances work to open the airway and allow an undisturbed sleep and happier marriages.

Ben Gonzalez, M.D. focused on this functional and integrative medical practice. Obesity and the importance of comprehensive testing as well as the risks and side effects of bariatric surgery.  His long-term commitment to high-level wellness. 

Accountant, Jenn Viridis, her broad financial successes with a business wanting more accountability.

Francis Ramirez; shared the importance of his interest in bringing a broader spectrum of clinicians into the Columbia Group and the importance of Case presentation for everyone in healthcare.


Members who missed the dinner because of patient care:

Susmita Bandopadhyay, Environmental Toxicology

Steve Carreras, Clinical Interventionist

Natasha Despotovic, C.C.H, Homeopath

Dr. Pamela Hall, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Phyllis Heffner, MD, Holistic Child Psychiatrist

Janet Little, MD, Family Medicine

The group is hoping that Lisa Gordon, D.C. Holistic and Integrative Chiropractor, will join us next time.

If you are interested in participating in future events, we encourage you to contact us.  We are always looking for exceptional people to join our community.


For information on upcoming events