DC Metro Collaborative dinner 3/12 @ Le Mirch


Susan Bodiker - works with women about bodies; food; weight; in a loving way; 7th Ave. “never get someone to something they need to do by making them feel back themselves” If you want to succeed and take advantage; then, don’t make it hard on yourself. Like yourself – you will treat yourself well. Working out for you. Life is too short. Great therapy animals


David Murdock - 100k to 

Frances Williams - internal medicine; helping women physicians navigate private practice – take expertise; who madness of medicine; mentoring and coaching as a physician. Hospital systems on Baltimore. Kevin MD newsletter. Ob left practice. Burnout. Micro agenda. The system will not change. 1900 women died in childbirth. Now people living longer. A lot more illness. Less than 25 years to make medicine. Insurance companies got the foothold. Nurses away to be nurse practitioners.

Alice P. Paxton, NCG, CSA - like parents; disabilities; fiduciary; trustees; power of attorney; banks are trustees; they are administrators of trusts; care manager - hands on; I was a family readiness groups; dessert storm; group at home that took car of wives and children; mows the lawn; the way we helped commanders; five years Icor.com personal needs coordinators. Long-term care; ss; Medicare and Medicaid programs open communication. Medication coordination. Help move to assisted living. Age in place vs assisted living

Lewis Baker, CFP @ bsswealth.com - In today's environment of easy to access and low-cost investment platforms, our challenge is to help people understand there is a difference between having an investment account and having a financial plan. Once we highlight this difference they begin to understand the value of paying for the advice from a true professional who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer. They learn that the value is not in financial products alone but in what strategies are employed utilizing investment products and services to minimize taxes and leverage the impact that their assets can have for themselves and their families.


Jenn Viridis - small biz owners; P& L; percentage profits structuring pricing; margin; what do the numbers revenue; integrating CRM; streamline systems; expertise; comprehensive business development; high net individuals- reinvent yourself; right decisions at the right places. Make the right decisions at the right places; ratios of income - taxes - pay a flat rate. Are you really set up in right tax model? New tax bill- let us take advantage - 20% - can we do an S corp and get the 20%. Marketing helps them - problem solve. Identify the problem.

Francis Ramirez - why you do what you do. If patient-centered or client-centered; you cannot go wrong;  we believe in those in this group. What is your passion

Bill Dennis - spoke on the importance of our wellness and leadership retreats @ villaserena.com as well as the case presentation training at metrocollaborative.com.


Not attending:

Robin Williams, M.S.W. 

David Walls-Kaufman, D.C

Natasha Despotovic, C.C.H, - still ha her homeopathy course flyers passed out


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