Colombia Dinner - 02/19/18


Our Columbia Dinner was held at a local Indian restaurant and was attended by a wide variety of providers and healthcare professionals. It is evident that the acquaintances have transitioned to professional relationships that benefit the group and, ultimately, the community which we serve.


Whether it was the first meeting or the twentieth, there is always something new to learn about fellow members. Our newest member, Patti Sapp, a Hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety and behavior change talked about how she helps clients handle everything from smoking cessation to stress management. 

Both Ben Gonzalez and Gene Sambataro touched on the relationships of organ systems and the philosophy or individualized treatment. Looking at the patient and extrapolating health conditions based on an extended time horizon. Simply put, the twenty-year-old patient is often significantly different as a thirty or forty-year-old and should be treated to with the future health in mind.



While not clinicians, Jenn Viridis and Kacey Cronin expressed their support of innovators and healers alike through their respective roles. Jenn shared a few tactics to help clinicians be more efficient and grow their practices through measured growth and expansion. Kacey shared some ideas about healthcare compliance and how to ease the burden of training and to protect patient information.

Pamela Farmer and Janet Little share their experiences in how cultural factors often negatively affect the acceptance of complementary and alternative medicine. Pamela is a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist specializing in the simultaneous application of both disciplines to alleviate pain and other chronic conditions. Using her experience as a regional medical director overseeing over a dozen clinical locations, Janet Little specializes in supporting her fellow physicians through coaching and guidance.

Natasha Despotovic and Phyllis Heffner often work with the same population but in very divergent ways. Natasha is a certified clinical homeopath often working with clinically diagnosed mental health patients, often in conjunction with a therapist or psychiatrist. Phyllis Heffner is a classically trained child and adolescent psychiatrist that has transformed her practice to seek the root cause of her patient's illness as opposed to just masking their symptoms with drugs and other substances.

We continue to support this community of healers and trusted advisors in their journey to help others through clinical commitment and innovation. If you feel like you have a perspective that could improve this collaborative's collective knowledge, please share a conversation with us.


Attended By:


Patti Sapp, Hypnotherapist
Ben Gonzalez,  Functional Physician
Gene Sambataro, Biological Dentist
Jenn Viridis, Accountant
Kacey Cronin
Pamela Farmer, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Janet Little, Family Medicine
Natasha Despotovic, Homeopath
Phyllis Heffner, Holistic Child Psychiatrist
Bill Dennis
Francis Ramirez



If you are interested in participating in future events, we encourage you to contact us.  We are always looking for exceptional people to join our community.


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