Caron Foundation Open House - 10/3/17

We always look forward to our Open House events as a way for leading members of the health and wellness field to come together and share their unique perspectives on crucial issues.  Last night's affair, with the Caron Foundation in Midtown, Manhattan was one of our most successful to date.

The Caron Foundation is more than just a treatment center for substance abuse.  They are a world-class behavioral health facility, using integrative approaches for their clients.  Addiction is a multifaceted issue, and the Caron Foundation understands that it takes focusing on the person as a whole to heal - treating both physical and psychological conditions simultaneously.  They specialize in treating a variety of groups, including executives and physicians, and believe that patients are ‘most successful when they participate in treatment with peers who have similar life circumstances and are going through similar life stages.'  This attention helps them tailor each person’s treatment to their specific needs and circumstances. 

Alexis Mundy, Regional Resource Director for New York City and Southern Connecticut, outlined what makes Caron so extraordinary.  The treatment programs do not end the minute you walk out one of their treatment centers, or even within the first year following treatment.  Their Alumni Support Services ensure that resources are always available to give each patient the opportunity for lifelong, sustained recovery.

Here at Metro Collaborative, we do not assign to ‘quick, one-size-fits-all’ solutions, and our discussions as a group reaffirmed that belief.  We identified the role of spirituality as a quintessential aspect of recovery.  For this, the Caron Foundation offers an entire department dedicated to giving each patient access to whichever creed, faith, or religion they identify with, along with interfaith practices.  We also examined the essential role nutrition plays in not only the treatment of addiction but its role in well-being as a whole.



Andrew Koenigsberg
Philip Gardiner
Evan Schwartz
Cindy E. Levitz
Tatiana E Kaletsch
Dr. Michael Picucci
Henry Montero
Fabiana Franco
Suprina Berenyi
Nazia Ahmed, MD
Kristel Carrington
Connor Walsh
Jane Neuhaus
Jay Neuhaus
Dr. Philip Agrios
Monique Meertens
Alexis Mundy
Jackie Sutera, DPM
Richard Goldstein

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