The NOVA Collaborative is comprised of 14 members.  



Our Next Meeting

At The NoVa Collaborative, we constantly striving to create better relationships for collaborative care.

This allows for our clinicians and their clients to better operate within their region - creating more expansive connections to those that each individual most wants to reach.

With executive coach Bill Dennis leading the way, you get a true sense of team and togetherness. We socialize and have genuine fun, though there is a clear structure that ensures one is building his/her relationships, cross-referrals and practice network.



Alice W. Lee, Holistic Psychiatry

Beth Albaneze,  CTRS, CPRP

Carmel Wiseman, Chiropractor

Charles Purcell, Relationship Mastery

Dawn McGruder, CPA

Debra Norberg, Case Management

Delara Tavakoli, OB/GYN, Anti-Aging

Ellen Purcell, Relationship Mastery

Felix Liao, Sleep Apnea & Biological Dentistry

Jay Hodes, HIPAA Compliance Expert

Michelle A. Dion, Holistic Health

Richard Rubin, Cardiology

Steve Lampa, Senior Care Specialist

Trent Templar, Financial Advising