Our Vision:

We are a cooperative and interdisciplinary community of business professionals using our experience to commit moving beyond the current paradigms in our field.   Our integrity to customer and client care, achieves outcomes that work for all.


Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality personalized service, utilizing innovative techniques and technologies to promote well-being in all areas of our patients' and clients' lives.   We create new opportunities for authentic connections within our collaborative community.   Our individual and cooperative practices model our commitment to a higher standard of care by looking at a larger picture of life.


Our Core values:

  •  Integrity

  • Personalized Service

  • Professional Ethics 

  • Comprehensive Care

  • Integrative Perspectives

  • Leadership, Technology innovation, productive living and giving back to our communities

  • Financial stability through a committed sustainable growth



  • We meet, officially, six to eight times per year for a three hour dinner

  • We support unofficial events between meetings

  • One practitioner per niche

  • Encouragement of Referral Support

  • Facilitation of cross-discipline knowledge exchange

  • Facilitation of cross-Metro Group relations

  • Facilitation of relationship development within group

  • Nurture open-ended discussions

  • We support formal presents by members to the group

  • Sharpen presentation skills through peer feedback

  • Motivate members by making them "stakeholder"