Geared towards Clinicians and Healthcare Educators

a beautiful, Tropical learning environment that facilitates relaxation
and therefore lucid understanding of ideas and stronger Connections
between participants and the teacher. 

We provide two overall designs - Open Retreats and Closed Retreats:


Open Retreat

Open Retreats have the following:

  • Active marketing by Metro Collaborative that involves the general public

    • Marketing to Villia Serena's following in Europe

    • Facebook, Social media - digital flyers, etc

    • All Metro Collaborative's resources - a long list of physicians

  • In the Open Retreat we provide you a market pool of the US, Europe, and South America


Closed Retreat

Our Closed Retreat is exclusive.

It is not marketed to anyone outside of the leader's circle.

The leader has those who he wants and now just needs the hotel and its infrastructure. 


A Malleable Process


Optional Marketing Campaign

For Open Retreats, we do the work for you - and connect you with new, interesting professionals for you to connect with, share ideas, and learn from.



High quality cuisine from professionally trained chef and kitchen


Optional Activities

Auxiliary services like yoga, zumba, massage, horseback riding, kayaks, bicycles and swimming - excursions to remote beaches


Relaxed Learning

Discuss and share ideas about personal and practice functionality. 
The way we learn best is when we're relaxed and small stressors and pressures of normal life have receded. 


Spread the Word

The ideas and experiences gained from the Retreat will impact you and everyone who attended. Those who you all communicate with back home will also be impacted.  Along with the spread of great ideas, word of you and your practice will spread - creating a rewarding and practical experience all at once. 


Better Function

Take your experience home with you and apply the ideas and insights gained. Those who came will be encouraged to do the same.