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Vanessa Samora, CPT, CHC

Health Coach

One Body One World, LLC
157 Columbus Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10023

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"We exist because Self-Care is the most effective Healthcare available."

Vanessa blends powerful coaching techniques with an understanding of Functional Medicine science to guide clients through lifestyle changes that directly address their unique health struggles. She is firm believer in the power of coaching to change behavior and, by association, change lives. Although client education is an important focus, the process of deciding where and how clients will bring change to their lives is a collaborative one. Vanessa’s coaching discussions honor her clients’ intuition, life experience, and readiness to embrace change.   

Like many functional practitioners and wellness professionals, Vanessa works from the understanding that despite different dynamics and symptoms, chronic diseases share the same basic root cause: they are lifestyle diseases, driven by consistent choices and environmental factors over long periods of time. Restoring healthy function requires learning to choose behaviors and create surroundings that support health instead of dis-ease. These improved choices trigger the exquisite, innate self-healing capacity of the body and mind. Vanessa’s ongoing training in Applied Functional Medicine allows her significantly greater precision in piecing together each unique client’s needs so their work can be as focused and effective as possible.  

In 2019 Vanessa will be finalizing her certification in Applied Functional Medicine, pursuing certification in Mind-Body Medicine, and sitting for the ICHWC Boards in early 2020. Mind-Body Medicine will allow Vanessa to address a wide variety of symptoms including grief, trauma, anxiety, and general mental-emotional stress in a cost-effective group format.   

Areas of passion for Vanessa include work within the queer community, communities of color, and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.