Jennifer Ayers, LCSW, MA, MSW

Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Newport Academy
64 Double Hill Rd,
Bethlehem, CT 06751


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Jennifer is currently functioning as the NY State Clinical Outreach Coordinator for Newport Academy, a series of evidence-based healing centers for adolescents and families struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse. With a background in clinical psychology, social works, 10 years of working in a psychiatric hospital, as well as business development, it has become her passion to assist teens and families in need of alternative models of care.  She proudly represent the highly effective programming At Newport Academy, and aims to persistently carry out their mission: 

"At Newport Academy, we believe in sustainable healing. We treat adolescents, guiding them from self-destruction to self-esteem, addressing the underlying causes of harmful behaviors. The Newport Academy program provides the safety, support, and, above all, the unconditional love that teens and their families need in order to heal. By incorporating multiple modalities of psychological and experiential therapies, and a dedication to treating the entire family, we offer a superior adolescent treatment program.”