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Jenn Viridis



(240) 505-7997

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"Solitary success enables greed—communal success enables wealth."

Jenn has been offering comprehensive accounting, tax, outsourced CFO, and business growth development services for nearly 20 years. Her typical clients are entrepreneurs or business owners who have a specific vision to do more, to reach beyond financials and tax returns, and to impact more lives in a positive way. While Jenn serves all industries, she especially enjoys partnering with forward-thinking wellness providers. Her greatest satisfaction comes from watching her clients grow, not only in profits, but in developing and pursuing integrative and holistic solutions to create a positive impact that reaches beyond financials and tax returns.

Her personal beliefs and approach to business focus on three components: sustainability, mindfulness, and integrity. For Jenn, sustainability means creating business systems and processes that can organically grow without hitting a ceiling or breaking point. Mindfulness includes considering who is affected by the outcome of decisions, and ensuring a positive impact wherever possible. Integrity focuses on staying true to her client’s mission and goals while building a legacy that is congruent with their personal beliefs and values.

For fun, Jenn loves painting, writing, and hanging out with her dogs and family. She’s an optimist by choice, and will always find the silver lining if there is one. Oh, and she gets pretty excited about what she does, so if you catch her ear, be prepared for an animated discussion of your business structure and accounting!