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Chris Belchamber, MA, Math

Investment Manager

CB Investment Management
8000 Towers Crescent Dr., Suite 1700
Vienna, VA 22182


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"Navigate full cycles, with a consistent advantage from the best practices of the most successful. Understand why is this contrarian advice."

I specialize in investment management and provide a unique and transformative approach delivered with full transparency, in depth analysis, and multiple measurement metrics.

How can investors get better results unless they learn to think like the most successful investors?

In my view, the main reason investors, and financial advisors, underperform markets and allocate poorly comes down to a confused investment mindset.

Without the clarity that comes from awareness of the key challenges to long term investment success, and a persistent focus on a deeply grounded, evidence based, and tested process, investors remain unnecessarily exposed to risk and suboptimal outcomes.

Armed with a productive investment mindset aligned with the most successful investors, and then understanding debt dynamics, and how to navigate the full investment cycle, can set up a significant and consistent advantage.

I have a mission, as an investment advisor, to help clients avoid the hidden pitfalls in the investment process and achieve a successful long-term outcome, and a better financial platform for life.

Transform Your Investment Mindset. Transform Your Long Term Wealth Accumulation. Start with the link below.

I am part of a national network of financial professionals, including, and . I am senior portfolio manager at Belpointe. I also have my own local team including Tax and CFP professionals. So financial coverage is comprehensive throughout financial services, and both local and nationwide.