Charles Purcell, MSCE, MSSM, MSME

Relationship Mastery

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Chuck Purcell has been teaching the PAIRS program to couples since completing his training with the PAIRS Foundation in 1996, and has been leading the workshops for twenty years with his wife, Ellen Purcell.  The PAIRS Foundation was established thirty years ago to provide solution-oriented workshops for couples to teach the skills of creating and sustaining joyful and long-lasting marriages.

Chuck is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, who holds three Master of Science degrees -- in Education, Systems Management and Mechanical Engineering.  In addition, he holds a BS in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Pre-Med.  His teaching and counseling experience also includes three years as an Associate Professor at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, where he practiced marriage counseling. He was also Chief of Advanced Jet Academics for two years, leading a team of five instructors teaching student pilots supersonic aerodynamics, aircraft engineering, instrument procedures, flight planning, meteorology, and air combat tactics.  Chuck served three years as in instructor pilot, culminating in the awarding of a Master Instructor status.

In the years since his military retirement from the Air Force, Chuck has worked as a senior program manager with an international consulting firm, concentrating on national in international energy and environmental issues, lecturing at international conferences throughout the world on stratospheric ozone protection and energy efficiency technologies.  In addition, Chuck currently is a flight instructor at a local flight school, training students on the technologically advanced Cirrus SR Series aircraft.




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