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Villa Serena Retreat - July 25 – 29, 2019


Reflect, Relax, Renew

A Healing Workshop for Physicians, Dentists, Therapists, Teachers and Healers

July 25 – 29, 2019

Hotel Villa Serena Las Galeras
Samaná, Dominican Republic



Led and facilitated by Bill Dennis, M.Ed and Natasha Despotovic, C.C.H 

Support yourself with practical tools.

Work on yourself and your work with an experience of community, nature and physical connection.

Take time to let go of old patterns of reacting to stress

Meditate, draw, contemplate, move and be still.

Share, or not.

Take nature walks

Generate growth and resilience

Focus on well-being

The other side of stress is ‘compassion fatigue’ resulting in hopelessness and despair in instead of a feeling of happiness in the accomplishment of helping others.

Therapists can be very prone to ‘compassion fatigue’ because they are trained in the use of empathy and compassion.