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First Clinical Communications and Leadership

Clinical Communications and Leadership:

A unique interactive online course

Co-diagnostic Case Presentation for innovative healthcare professionals

Do you have the appropriate expertise to expand your clinical relationships?

Questions be opportunities to guide others to self-discover their need for what you offer?

What concrete steps can you take go to the next level of your practice?

Successful long-term relationships require an ability to understand a client's priorities, values, and budget, as well as a vision of what is possible.    The capability to support a sustained change in another is not easy work.  This live interactive program is strategically driven and tactically grounded in perennial theories and practices.  It is also experiential with new philosophies, ideas, as well as proven methods.  

We examine comprehensive and complementary interdisciplinary concepts, we practice skills; while establishing a clear blueprint for leadership. These tools provide deliberate communication, as well as dynamic listening; that builds kinship and agreement for long-term collaboration.  Be challenged, questioned, and inspired as you learn to refine as well as expand your work with clients and groups of clients.  Create successful groups, comprehensive client-centered treatment plans, retreats, workshops, online courses, and seminars.

The Interactive Classes recorded for your convenience but best results are from live participation.

Each class is limited to ten active participants.

Our diverse group includes veterans, novices and those desiring "co-diagnostic case presentation."   

Our process encourages the use of select books and audiobooks for skills and concept refinement.

Individual coaching is available but not included.

Earlier Event: April 8
Columbia Dinner Meeting
Later Event: April 10
DC Dinner Meeting