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Next Comprehensive Case Presentation - Group A

Case Presentation Clinic:

Co-diagnostic style case presentation.

Our live video interactive program is strategically driven and tactically grounded.   Participants will enjoy new philosophies, ideas, and methods. We will examine concepts and practice skills while establishing a clear blueprint for a small select group of clinicians.  Our tools provide deliberate communication that direct conversations as well as an active style of listening whose effectiveness builds kinship and relatedness for long-term successful relationships.  Be challenged, questioned, and inspired as you learn to refine your work with clients.

Our elite group includes veterans as well as novices to co-diagnostic style case presentation.   Our process requires some time ideally between sessions with audio books.

Individual coaching is available for individualized or advanced coaching and more specific training.

Do you have valuable expertise to expand your relationship with others?

How can questions be opportunities to guide others to self-discover their need for what you offer?

What concrete steps can you take go to the next level of your practice?