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RSVP 4 The DC Interdisciplinary Collaborative Dinner: 2/9 @ 6:30 PM @ darlington house dc @ 1610 20 ST, NW, DC

  • DARLINGTON HOUSE 1610 20th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20009 United States (map)

The DC Collaborative

Thursday, 2/9 @ 6:30 PM
1610 20th Street NW, Wash, DC -

Happy new year - 

2016 was a great  learning time for me, personally and professionally.   I'm inspired by your commitment to health care, wellness and your patients.        If you have not RSVPed for our dinner or are not a member and want to attend, please let us know so might find a fit for you this week or in the near future.              

We welcome our new members and thank our old ones for commitment to Interdisciplinary Collaboration and sharing pearls of your practice with peers.  It is not easy to speak to a group of diverse disciplines in your neighborhood who listen carefully.   But, "Practice makes perfect."   For me, this hard work requires preparation of one kind or another.   What is most essential for your peers to know about your work?

Let us innovate further this year; presenting,  listening, creating mindful professional relationships with a spirited and conscious dinner as we share lessons and essential clinical stories, attracting independent clinicians, health care innovators, and patients. By having no sponsors or outside speakers, there is a compressed time for everyone to speak freely, followed by Q & A.   There is opportunity for your growth on several levels,  in learning, referring, and receiving referrals well. 

2017 is about growth and we are slowly expanding our reach, learning who is a fit for our interdisciplinary conversation.  Metro Collaborative is launching our second Maryland group this March to serve Howard County.   More announcements will come forth as we finalize the planned launch.      We will welcome The Caron Foundation at our 2/9, 2/13 and 2/21 dinners.   They have joined all of our DC area groups and two of our NY groups.   Who is a clinician you respect and would benefit from joining us?

See of members of our seven groups  and updates over the next few weeks.  We have a few new members joining us on the site and at dinner.     If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me as always, by email, Skype, in person or phone.    Our marketing programs are proving helpful to practices looking to expand thier reach and brand .

Would you like to lead or co-lead on of our retreat/workshops?   Several physicians and therapist like our facility for patient and faculty retreats.  Of course, there should also be time and space  to truly relax with self,  friends and family.  For updates on our April and May 2017 clinician lead as well as retreat programs for clinicians, stay tuned to:

Our clinician retreat programs are  hosted by If you would like to lead a retreat or participate in one, we will support you;  with marketing, infrastructure, etc.   There will be a woman's retreat at the end of April and clinicians training in early May, so tune in for more news.   we now have cardiologists, nutritionists, therapists and others holding wellness programs for clients and those around the globe wanting health education and a wellness experience.


Thanks again, 

Bill Dennis

PS - 

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