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Healing in Motion

  • Villa Serena Las Galeras Dominican Republic (map)

Metro Collaborative is sponsoring a wellness retreat in Fall 2017 featuring May Kesler . The retreat

Healing in Motion

will educate you on fascia, its role in pain, and how to find and unwind the restrictions caused by injury. 

If your injury or pain just isn't responding to medication or traditional physical therapy or medical treatments; If you've had surgery and your situation still isn't corrected; if you treat people for pain and your patients' needs still aren't solved, then this is the RETREAT that will OPEN YOUR THINKING to a NEW dimension of HEALING SOLUTIONS.

Using movement practices from dance, improvisation, Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, yoga, ball work, Barre and ballet, we will explore how the new research in fascia effects and enhances these methods' therapeutic value.

Using videos from live microscopic surgery, doctors have discovered that fascia is a 3d spiderweb-like connective tissue that surrounds every cell in our bodies. Because fascia is the matrix within which our body lives, it is essential to consider its effects in all we do for our health. 

May Kesler is uniquely positioned to explore this new dimension with you. A dancer and choreographer for 56 years and a PT for 35 years with expert-level manual therapy skills, her expertise in the multi-dimensional movement of the body is unlike any others.

If you experience:

  • Post acute, chronic or recurrent musculoskeletal injuries
  • Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia Dance, Sports Injuries
  • Headaches, Migraines, TMJ dysfunction
  • Neck/Back/Low Back/Sacroiliac/Hip pain, sciatica herniated discs, spinal stenosis
  • Shoulder, Rotator Cuff injuries, Thoracic outlet, Tennis elbow,
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Scoliosis, posture alignment issues,
  • Knee/ankle/foot injuries, plantar fasciitis
  • Sprains, Strains, Tendonitis
  • People with multiple areas of injury/pain
  • Gastric reflux, IBS
  • Women's Health Issues, pre and postpartum, menopause

The Retreat is geared for:

  • Physical and Occupational therapists
  • Bodyworkers
  • Dance and Fitness teachers, Personal Trainers
  • Medical Doctors, Dentists and Osteopaths, Chiropractors who are interested in adding movement to their prescriptions
  • People looking for ways to enhance their current pain management
  • People who are taking an active role in self-treatment

what participants will learn

Fascia is a 3-dimensional spider web of fluid filled light transmitting fibers of connective tissue. Fascia encases and has a thread to every cell in our bodies. If a thread gets pulled, the entire shape of the web is affected. The cells in that area are twisted and can't function, which leads to pain or disease. In this retreat, May will guide you using her years of knowledge of physical therapy and dance and teach you:

  • introduction to movement techniques from Alexander, Feldenkrais, improvisation contemporary dance, ballet barre to enhance your healing on physical and emotional levels.
  • how to observe movement to discover alignment issues and how that relates to dysfunction in other areas of the body
  • introduction to myofascial release, trigger points, craniosacral therapy
  • increase your kinesthetic awareness and how restrictions affect your movement
  • add to your understanding of how to alleviate pain in your body
  • apply this knowledge to workouts, home exercise and self-care programs

There will be time for personal activities and exploration, i.e., hiking, snorkeling, tour, instruction in systematic relaxation and breathing. Massage, scuba-diving and boat excursions will also be available for additional cost. Please contact for more information.

cost of the 5-day retreat

  • $840.00 per person (Double Occupancy)

  • $1080.00 per person (Single Occupancy)

the program includes:

  • lodging with all daily meals included (Beverage is NOT included)
  • 2-hour group sessions with May Kesler
  • evening contact improvisation and guided improvisation dance at the water’s edge.
  • Yoga sessions

EXCLUSION: air and land transportation cost

about the resort

This 5-day retreat will be set against the beautiful and serene backdrop of Villa Serena in the Dominican Republic. Situated right on the stunning coastline of Rincon Bay on the peninsula of Samana, surrounded by palm trees, azure skies, and gently rolling waves of the ocean, the environment promotes healing and optimal wellness for body, mind, and soul.

Villa Serena partners with Metro Collaborative in offering companies, institutions, private practices and other organizations a venue for corporate programs, i.e., retreat, team building and communication workshops. This resort has 23 spacious rooms with large private terraces overlooking the ocean and a 4,300 square feet of oceanfront villa on a 2-acre land. Visit [Villa Serena][3]'s website for more details on rates and amenities.


May Kesler is the owner of Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy in Chevy Chase, MD and worked with people who suffer chronic pain in restoring their ability to lead a quality life by relieving pain and {enhancing} function.

Her passion as a dancer for more than 55 years, May brings her unique intuitive sensibility of how the body works and fits together as it is in motion. Her desire to be a healer, thanks to the influence of her mother, Dr. Regina Kesler, MD, melds her 35 years of experience as a physical therapist and Mth with her dance passion for a perfect combination of healing therapy in restoring balance and motion to the body, relieving pain and restoring function.

May is also the only physical therapist in the United States to become a Certified Zena Rommett Floor-Barre instructor and recently became a Progressing Ballet Technique instructor. That allows her to adapt Floor-Barre exercises and Progressing Ballet Technique for those recovering from injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

May was honored last year at the 2016 British Fascial Symposium by winning a prize for her poster presentation on the "Effects of Myofascial Release on Dance Technique". She will be continuing her research into fascial this summer by attending a Fascial Dissection Course with Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau in Scotland.

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