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RSVP, 12/13/16, Brio Tuscan Grille, 7854 Tysons Corner Center, McLean, NoVa Interdisciplinary Dinner for Clinical Collaborations 6:30-9 PM

  • Brio Tuscan Grille 7854 Tysons Corner Center Tysons, VA, 22182 United States (map)

RSVP @ Brio 12/13/16 Dinner 6:30-9.00pm NOVA CLINICAL COLLABORATIONS



Hello Everyone; 
Thank you all for our last high spirited dinner.  Our photo here after the dinner, attests to both the seriousness and the fun of our conversations then.  As we move into the holiday season and the end of 2016, let us enjoy and learn from each other, as health care continues to require our careful attention.

Please RSVP and arrive when you are able.  We usually begin to order and begin a group conversation at 7pm. I like arriving by 6:20 to have individual conversations. These dinners are a a commitment to yourself, your practice, your patients and your peers. Welcome members from DC MC area groups to support everyone who want to participate.   We should have the dinning room in the back. Hopefully it will quiet.  At some point we will limit our members but for now, we are fine.

See your members refined profiles:  If your profile needs an update, let us know.

Here are some updates, goals, logistics and plans that have evolved here, in VA, DC and NY that support our dynamic interdisciplinary conversation and agenda for the next few dinners:

Plan to introduce your practice strategies, methods, innovations and challenges. Plan 5 minutes from your mind and heart. Expect questions. Ask questions of others. Remember, there are often questions after details on how specific issues are addressed.

Some additional possibilities for our discussions:

  1. Create highly functional collaborations between complementary practices and everyone who participates as well as with seemingly unrelated health care groups.
  2. Referrals with a transference of good will, information and understanding using Facebook,, Instagram, links to profiles, biz cards, brochures.
  3. Who do we best support? Our cardiologist and ob/gyn have taken a leave of absence. What other disciplines? Who would our community benefit? Who would you like to see?
  4. Lecture series for the public at a library? An evening series of talks for the public with one presenter per 20 minutes in a public and local space.
  5. Sharing of offices, locations, staff, teams, marketing and other resources, etc.
  6. Referrals to our other groups, encourage referrals from those groups and build your relationships with those clinicians.
  7. Use our brand and badge, available on your site, linking your commitment to Interdisciplinary Collaboration.
  8. Sharing with social media, in emails, on calls, etc really support trust and relationship. Often, it is simple for colleagues aligned or complementary with you to just see each others offices and/or have lunch and learns. It is not easy to understand what exactly each other does and how exactly to refer. In NYC, many have had open houses.
  9. Optimize and collaborate with The Functional Forum nationally and locally for education, community and networking. This is a fantastic group that also offers local meet-ups. perhaps we could co-create meet-ups collaboratively. We attended a wonderful program Monday evening in Alexandria.
  10. Find work/life balance, wellness and additional ways to support personal health on all levels and in all ways through productive and positive practices.
  11. Should we let the public know about our interdisciplinary discussions with a separate web site or something else?
  12. Consider Co-leading or leading a retreats with our infrastructure and marketing support at our near ideal facility. We have several members scheduling and will keep everyone updated on upcoming retreats.
  13. What have we learned this year that will change the way we live and work?
  14. Where are we headed in 2017? 

Thank you for your commitment. Few dispute that our health care is in need of an interdisciplinary approach. Our collaborations work, on a referral basis as well on for education and community. In NY, DC, NJ, VA & MD we see successes even from diverse disciplines. Your feedback, input is always welcome.