James Huntington, PsyD


5520 Wisconsin Avenue

Suite 802

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

(202) 683-6963



Dr. Huntington has extensive experience helping adolescents, adults, and families improve functioning by increasing communication skills, sharpening boundaries, and building stronger relationships. Clients with chronic pain, grief, anxiety, depression, substance use problems, and general issues with adjustment have all benefited from his motivational, collaborative approach. Frank discussions help clients clarify values, examine emotion, and focus on the present in ways that are consistent with mindfulness-based cognitive behavior therapy. Clients soon spend less time struggling as they grow more accepting of themselves.New skills make them more optimistic and more eager to take on new challenges.

Work with adolescents often focuses on helping them identify their own values so they can behave in ways that feel authentic and genuine. This work often improves social skills, raises status among peers, and enhances interactions with parents and siblings, laying a firm foundation for the transition to adulthood.

Adult clients spend time identifying which aspects of their lives provide the most meaning so that they can shape their work lives, find and maintain supportive relationships, and focus on the activities that bring them the most joy. These conversations often involve extensive examinations of spirituality, principles, standards, and priorities.


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