Delara Tavakoli, M.D., OB/GYN


5530 Wisconsin Avenue

Suite 702

Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Delara K. Tavakoli is an OB-GYN Physician and Surgeon. Her expertise for many years was in high-risk OB-GYN cases, primarily servicing low income, high-risk populations. She also has participated in many mercy missions in Africa, performing fistula repairs on impoverished women.

In 2009, Dr. Tavakoli fulfilled a dream of opening an office where she could have the time, place and resources to care for the whole person. While she still enjoys serving women in both the delivery of their babies and also in crisis situations, she is fulfilling her passion to give focused time to the complete needs of her patient’s health. She believes that the best, most effective way to treat a patient- and to achieve the most optimal health results is to treat a person as a whole being. The body is made up of many organs, with various functions, but they all work synonymously together. When one part is out of balance, or not functioning optimally, it affects the whole. When a patient complains of pain, fatigue, insomnia- rather than prescribing a pill to deal with the symptom- we take a look at what’s going on as a whole. When the body, mind, and spirit are brought into sync- the patient has a sense of overall wellness. While Dr. Tavakoli treats the complete GYN issues of women in the office, Tavicare also treats both men and women for their Age Management needs. This includes treating both present health issues and providing preventative care so that the common issues of aging are slowed or even prevented. Balancing hormones and providing age-appropriate nutrition, along with a complete assessment of the patient’s overall wellness and health goals are the starting point for age-management. 


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