Steve Carreras

Clinical Interventionist

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Washington D.C. Metro Area

Steve Carreras is a U.S. based Clinical Interventionist working with physicians, attorneys, airline pilots, and other professionals in need of residential placement for substance abuse or behavioral health treatment.

He consults with families and organizations needing discrete and confidential referral and sober transport to residential treatment.  In addition to clinical intervention, he also organizes and manages the admission process including insurance verification. 

His approach understands addictions are a medical illness that requires the same treatment intensity as other chronic illness, such as Diabetes.  Addictions alter the structure of the brain and impede the neurochemical balance causing what other’s experience as disruptive and sometimes dangerous behaviors.   

Throughout his 25 + year career, he has worked in various leadership roles including behavioral health program design and implementation, Project Director and Senior Researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Clinical Director of a Residential Therapeutic Program, Subject Matter Expert in Trauma for the U.S. Army, and Physician Health Monitor and Advocate for the District of Columbia, Physician Health Program. 

He is licensed at the advanced level as a Clinical Social Worker in several States in the US and hold certifications in Equine Therapy, EMDR, and Clinical Social Work Supervisor for the State of Maryland.  His doctoral degree in Social Policy complemented his earlier graduate education and professional experiences as a Therapist and Forensic Social Worker for the 11th Judicial Court of Florida, as he incorporated his knowledge about early childhood development and wrote a doctoral thesis on risk factors in early childhood as predictors for adverse outcomes later in life for The Heller School for Social Policy, Brandeis University.


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