Slava Grinman


Licensed Psychotherapist


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115 E 57th Ste 640

New York, NY 10022

(917) 392-3003

Slava Grinman is a licensed psychotherapist who offers his clients an approach to healing which is a unique and highly effective blend of traditional western psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and the rapidly expanding field of holistic treatment and energy work.

With 14 years working in the mental health field, and as graduate with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Fordham University, his expertise is derived from a combination of formal education, high degree of deep intuitive insight, and profound understanding of the human condition. Having an intimate understanding of loss, depression and grief, he is able to offer his clients not only professional expertise, but also an unparalleled degree of empathy and total presence during sessions, Slava’s unique abilities began to emerge at an early age, rendering him a highly precocious and intuitive child.  His journey towards his life-calling began in 2002 when he was offered a psychotherapist position at a New York clinic, where he felt an immediate affinity to helping others make sense of their lives, overcome various difficulties, work through emotional and energetic blocks, and acquire the necessary clarity and confidence to lead fulfilling, productive, and balanced lives.  Honing and perfecting his skills for the next 14 years, Slava expanded his field of expertise to include specialized modalities, such as habit control, consciousness expansion, energetic integration, mental imagery, dream analysis.

Combining traditional psychological tools with his own highly evolved intuition, Slava is able to assess the client’s individual needs and develop an individualized treatment path. His superb well-roundedness as a therapist, healer and life coach experience also includes official accreditation in Reiki, Qi Gong, past lives regression therapy, extensive knowledge of Astrology, Zen Buddhism, Jewish mysticism, and initiation into the ancient Egyptian mysteries of the “Flower of life”.  Slava has also studied with Dr. Gerald Epstein to expand his knowledge in integrative mind-body therapy rooted in old Mediterranean tradition.

Slava currently serves as an adjunct professor at Touro College where he teaches courses on child development and therapeutic approaches in counseling., focuses on his private practice work and is earning his PhD in Counseling at Oregon University, specializing in integration of mind-body approach into conventional medicine.



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