Mark Hutcheson

Business Development Manager

Doctor Referral Institute
Washington D.C. Metro Area


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Doctor Referral Institute serves specialty practices in the medical and dental field around the country. They provide ‘face to face’ representation with an experienced team and system to referral sources. This experience gives them a tremendous advantage in developing new referrals and managing your existing ones.
Every Practice markets to some extent, whether they know it or not, and whether they are good at it or not. But FOR the vast majority of specialty practices and hospitals, doctor referral building is the most effective marketing strategy for New Patients.
Some doctors and healthcare executives may hold the term “marketing” in very low esteem, most will recognize the need to grow and protect referrals.
The fact is that referral building is actually #1 of the six key marketing strategies to growing any healthcare organization:
1. Doctor referral building
2. Internal (patient referral) marketing
3. External advertising
4. Public relations (including free press and events)
5. Branding
6. Internet marketing
Having a busy office is good, but an office full of high quality patients is priceless.
Assuring a regular flow of referrals from practices, hospitals and other businesses requires a regular, systematic—even scheduled—amount of time and attention.
So how can you reap the maximum benefits without breaking the bank?
At DRI, they make it affordable for any practice to have a proven referral system managed and maintained by them. 
Smart practices around the country are taking advantage of DRI to save money, grow the quality of their practice.  Their customized packages work with all types of practices from single practitioners, large group practices, consulting companies or franchises.  They work with them all.
Doctor referrals are the #1 marketing strategy for attaining these goals. Call DRI and let them do what they do best for YOU; Develop and manage a high quality referral system.
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