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Oakton, Virginia

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Kathleen Cote, CFP®, is a graduate of Villanova University and has over 10 years experience working in the financial services industry.  Most of her career was spent working at Fidelity Investments.  In her last position there, she was a registered principal that worked with other broker dealers and their investment advisors that housed their assets on Fidelity's platform.  Kathleen left Fidelity when her husband made a job change to North Carolina in the summer of 2010.  After spending a lot of time with her military friends, she realized there was a need for an advisor that specialized in military financial planning issues.  She established Cote Financial Planning in 2012 to satisfy that need.  In August 2016 her family moved to Virginia and Kathleen changed Cote Financial Planning to a Limited Liability Corporation(LLC).

Cote Financial Planning, LLC is a fee only investment advisory firm.  This means that all compensation comes directly from the client through either an hourly rate, by a percent of assets under management, or by a fixed annual fee.  They do not receive compensation for the products they recommend for their clients.  Being an independent investment advisory firm allows Kathleen to research all available products from the various financial institutions to find the ones with  low expenses and proven track records that meet her client's needs.  She is not limited to recommending proprietary products.

Kathleen has leveraged a financial planning platform that enables her clients to link all their accounts, whether managed by Kathleen or not, to their financial plan.  This allows her clients to see their overall financial position in one place.  In addition, simulations allow clients to see how various financial decisions will affect their overall plan.  These simulations make it easier to balance our desire to live for today with the need to plan for tomorrow.

Working with an independent advisor means that each time you call Cote Financial Planning, LLC you will be working with Kathleen.  Meetings will be held when it's convenient for you; during the day, at night after work or on the weekends.  Kathleen will even meet with you in your own home, the coffee shop near your office, via Skype, etc.   She strives to offer a personalized level of service that exceeds her client's expectations.


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