Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP

Founder of House Calls, LLC


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House Calls

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Olney, MD 20830

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Beth is the Founder of her award-winning company House Calls, LLC, providing specialized services for teens to seniors in the comfort of their home. She has received many awards over the years, including "Practitioner of the Year" from the Maryland Association of Psychosocial Services, National Society on Experiential Education, Best Buddies, American Association of Therapeutic Recreation, and the Montgomery County Police Department. Beth has served on the board of established community and national institutions such as Maryland Service Exchange, Maryland Recreation and Park Association, Montgomery County Volunteer Association, and has presented at conferences all over the world, on several topical subjects that she taught in college for decades. 

One specific lecture topic Beth presents is Active Listening, a skill set that assists House Call providers to establish trust quickly with individuals suffering from chronic medical or mental health conditions. Active Listening validates our clients who are then open to receiving life coaching and/or counseling.

Beth's extensive experience, along with her team of specialized professionals, uses unique techniques and one-of-a-kind strategies to enhance physical, mental, emotional and/or social functioning. The House Calls alternative approach, called 'ALL IN ONE©', includes meeting clients in their home, allowing clients to take the lead and go at their own pace, and multiple strategies to support clients to engage in behavior change.


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